Lash Lifts

A Lash Lift is the perfect way of enhancing your eye area, using your natural Lashes.

At FaceHub we only use PREMIUM products and advanced application methods which means ALL lash types including strong and straight lashes can be lifted to their lash potential.

What is a Lift?
A specially formulated lash lifting solution is applied to the lashes which breaks down the bonds and allows them to be manipulated into a lifted shape. This can be as dramatic as you determine. A second solution is then applied to re bond the lashes and set into the desired lift. To replenish and straighten the lashes, a keratin treatment is applied along with a dark lash tint.

How long does it last?
Your lashes will grow out with the natural lash cycle at around 6-8 weeks. At which you can have another lift.

Is it damaging for my lashes?
A Lash Lift is only damaging for the lashes if done incorrectly, where over processing can occur.

Joni is ADVANCED trained in both Keratin and Asian Lash Lifts and uses premium grade products that focus on replenishing and nourishing the lashes whilst lifting them.
*It is recommended to book for a tint & keratin treatment at 4 weeks to give your lift a refresh

What is the Aftercare?
You will need to keep your lift dry for 24hours and it’s recommended you use a mineral mascara to help keep the lashes hydrated. This is available to purchase in salon.

Lash Lifts

FaceHub founder, Joni is advanced trained in both Asian and Keratin Lash Lifts which use your natural lashes to lengthen and lift.

Keratin lifts

Keratin lifts promotes growth and plump the lashes for a full and dramatic natural result.

Asian lash lift

Asian lash lift is for those with very straight and strong lashes. The lashes are relaxed prior to placing on the rod for a precise and safe lift of strong lashes.


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