Having spent my formative Beauty Therapist years as a Spa Trainer and educator, I trained in some of Australia’s most beautiful salons and spas and appreciate the holistic benefits of experiencing a treatment over simply having a facial.

I developed my facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques from my time working with and learning from renowned French spa trainers and therapists. Including my Mum who was an incredible body work practitioner and healer. This sparked my passion for relaxation treatments and their benefits on the mind, soul and SKIN. I have since developed my own combination technique called The FaceLift Facial that clients are absolutely LOVING and has even featured in an article by SITCHU “Perths best and most unique Facials”

I have designed my facials menu to deliver a holistic experience. One that caters to both skin and soul rejuvenation.

I am 100% results driven to help support and correct skin conditions. My facials cater to the inner workings of the skins ability to heal from within when massaged and induced into a relaxed state. I also offer tailored solutions to minimising ageing, reducing pigmentation and achieving an even skin tone

Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, lifted and contoured, instantly PLUS I promise you will always leave floating out. Even a PEEL is relaxing when you’re in my hands.

If you don’t know what to book. Check out the Facials menu and allow yourself to be intuitively guided by what feels good to you.

I can always bespoke your treatment at the time of appointment if something needs to be adjusted.

See you in the Facial Room soon.

Joni x


As featured in SITCHU’SArticle “Perths Best & Most unique Facials” . This is the Facial treatment you didn’t realise you needed!

Like a Pilates class for your face and a Day Spa for your soul. This is my newest facial treatment that is one of its kind. I have combined four holistic face LIFTING modalities that help to Lift and Contour the face whilst eliminating toxins and stagnation for a healthier. More youthful appearance and glow.

There are a few options when it comes to experiencing the FaceLift Facial. However. Its the FaceLift Facial RITUAL that has everyone floating out. You will completely relax into the comfort of the cloud facial bed, in the dimly lit, aromatherapy infused facial room and drop into experiencing a deep cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, lymphatic activation massage, cupping to contour and flood the skin with collagen producing nourishment, stone Gua Sha to smooth out fascia and my specialised buccal massage to lift the jawline and cheeks and smooth out stagnation and release tension.
Finished with a deeply hydrating and firming mask for that ultimate glow.
You’ll leave with your skin feeling completely rejuvenated, lifted and GLOWING and your soul relaxed.

Come and experience for yourself why everyone is loving this Facial Ritual. Take a look at some of my clients results.



Now you can experience my SCULPTING, DEFINING & DETOXIFY FaceLift technique in an express 50min Lunchtime LIFT. Treatment includes a Deep Cleanse and micro bamboo polish exfoliation, The FACELIFT activation massage, Cupping and Gua Sha massage & tightening hydration mask. Keep up your monthly FaceLift maintenance with this express option. $200


Deep cleanse, Steam, Exfoliate & Mask
This facial is for those wanting to experience a Skin Consultation with JONI to plan out a product and treatment protocol for achieving your optimal skin health.
Maybe it’s your first time having a facial OR you want to find out what’s best for you and have your skin deep cleaned at the same time. $150
ADD a LED 10min or 20min session at time of booking for added benefits.


The Ultimate paring for glowing and snatched skin!
This treatment combines the Dermaplaning facial for deep exfoliation and peace fuzz removal PLUS
The Buccal & FaceLift facial massage to lift and snatch the face ready for flawless makeup application and a lifted and dewy face. Finish with LED to plump and stimulate collagen production.
This is PERFECT for anyone going to an event or brides who want to eliminate any puffiness or deep set lines on the face and want an effortless glow. $250


This Facial is an introduction to the FaceLift Ritual Facial without the Buccal (Intra Oral massage or cupping)
This treatment is both results driven and relaxation focused.
Relax into the hands of our skin therapist Joni who will use a micro bamboo scrub to prepare the skin to receive the fruit enzyme peel for a deep exfoliation via stimulating massage.
Nourishing hydration serum is then infused with a Gua Sha and your shoulders neck and arms lymphatic massaged for absolute relaxation. Finished with a cell boosting hydration maskto have your skin rejuvenated and GLOWING…plus relax with a scalp massage whilst receiving the healing and collaging stimulating benefits of the LED light. $250


Microneedling is used to treat a variety of skin conditions in the skin such as acne scarring, surgical scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks.
This collagen boosting treatment infuses custom selected serums into the skin whilst stimulating your skins own healing response to encourage rejuvenation and cell turnover for a more youthful and plump completion. This treatment can be tailored to treat pigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles, scaring and uneven skin tone $250
*Note: Please only book if you’re not contraindicated by meditation such as blood thinners or acne treatments, pregnancy or active cold sores


Say Goodby to dull skin causing peachfuzz and built up dead skin! Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade at a trained angle to deeply exfoliate the skin whilst removing the vellus layer of hair that can cause your skin to look dull and lifeless.

Benefits include;
Deep exfoliation
Peach fuzz hair removal
Glowing skin
Better absorption of serums and creams
Flawless makeup application
This is a MUST treatment for those who have a special event. $170


Every Bride wants glowing, flawless skin for their BIG day. This is the treatment I did for my wedding day that had my makeup artist WOW’ed

Dermaplaning with Enzyme Peel is performed to remove dull skin causing peach fuzz hair, followed by a fruit enzyme peel to leave the skin smooth and hydrated. Then relax with the FaceLift ritual massage with gua sha to flood your skin with collagen promoting blood flow and nutrients plus the lifting and conturing benefits of the muscles being stimulated. Completed with a plumping hydration mask and LED session for the most GLOWING, Bride ready skin you have ever had.

PLUS……..A rejuvenating hand massage and hydation mask to have your hands photo ready to show off your BLING

Best booked the week of and min 2 days before your big day. $275

FACEHUB FACE GYM (Launching MAY 2024)

Are you READY to TRANSFORM your face and skin with my 3 month SKIN GYM using my FACELIFT Facial technique!? This program involves 12 weeks of in salon treatments and at home face love using your cups and gua sha. INCLUDED is; TWO in salon FaceLift activation facials per month thats completely bespoke to your individual needs, ONE set of Facial Cups, ONE stainless steel gua sha, Delux facial oil to use with them PLUS my online FaceLifting tutorial to ensure you’re hitting it just right with your massage, gua sha and cupping application. INVESTMENT $1700


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